Fast-n-Fun Inflatables: A Success Story

4/20/2023 2:45:02 PM


Fast-n-Fun Inflatables is an event management company that specializes in providing inflatable equipment for various events. They were facing problems with their legacy application that was developed a few years ago, and the technology on which the application was built had become outdated. They needed a modern solution to replace the legacy application and manage their business operations more efficiently.

Decision Process

Fast-n-Fun Inflatables contacted us to help them with the problem. After discussing their requirements and analyzing the existing application, we recommended a solution that involved building a new web application from scratch using the ABP framework. We also suggested hosting the application on Linux servers, which would reduce costs compared to Windows machines. Fast-n-Fun Inflatables agreed with our proposal, and we began the development process.


We followed an agile development approach and worked closely with Fast-n-Fun Inflatables during the development process. Our iterative approach allowed us to deliver new features in tight cycles, and the client was able to test and provide feedback throughout the development process. We even adjusted the priority of some features based on client feedback, ensuring that we delivered exactly what they needed.

We also performed a data migration to transfer data from the legacy system to the new application. The data transfer was completed seamlessly, and the legacy system was fully replaced, without any data loss or risk.


The new web application that we built for Fast-n-Fun Inflatables has been a huge success. They now have a modern, scalable, and cost-effective solution that meets all their business requirements. The application has a user-friendly interface and provides valuable insights through reporting and analytics features.

Our decision to use the ABP framework and host the application on Linux servers has helped Fast-n-Fun Inflatables save a significant amount of money on hosting costs. The implementation of the new application has also helped them streamline their business processes and enhance their customer service.


We are proud of the successful collaboration with Fast-n-Fun Inflatables and the results we achieved together. Our expertise in agile development, ABP framework, and DevOps methodologies helped us build a robust and efficient web application that met our client's requirements. The new system has replaced the outdated legacy application and allowed Fast-n-Fun Inflatables to manage their business operations with ease.

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