“Software should adapt to you - not the other way around”

Individual software development

Our standard

We at Chrobyte have the highest standard on software quality.
To do justice to this, we have four focus points that each of our applications fulfills.


Change - fast!

The quality of software can be measured directly by its changeability. We write software that can be adapted years later at the same speed as on day one.


More of that!

Software must be able to scale vertically. We write software that can run any number of instances of a service.


It doesn't just work on my machine.

Isolated simulations of your infrastructure are used for all development processes.



Applications with an interface are operated by humans. Therefore our applications are also designed for them.

What we build

With every project we learn and expand our offering 💪

If you don't find yourself here or you're not sure, just talk to us 🙂

Web Apps
Development of web-based applications.
For the greatest possible device coverage with maximum accessibility.
Desktop Apps
Development of desktop applications for Windows.
Useful if you want to address native functionalities.
*Mac and Linux are planned.
Mobile Apps
Development of mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Makes sense if you have to address native functionalities.
Development of API's.
If you want to enable data transfer between systems.
All of the above combined
Of course, we can also build you a system that combines all of the above.

What we build with

Our tool box 🔨

By using the abp Framework (both the community and commercial versions), we are able to quickly build entire software landscapes within a very short time.
Over the years, we have developed processes that contribute to working with this framework and make development even more efficient.

This allows us to focus on your requirements.

If you want to get really wild, we can even build your application from scratch.
We use containerization at least for the purpose of replicating your infrastructure.
When setting up a new project, we ensure that each developer can work in an isolated environment.
We always work separately from production environments.
Quality Gates
Each of our projects undergoes continuous regulated quality controls, including:
  • Test coverage of > 80%
  • As much automation as possible for running test cases
  • Automated assurance of a consistent code style
  • Changes to source code are reviewed by a second pair of eyes.
  • Source code is versioned
  • Updates are rolled out automatically
  • A testing environment is interposed when necessary.

How we work

Our process 🪴

1️⃣ Initial consultation
Of course - first of all we talk to each other. In the first meeting we get to know each other and you tell us where the it hurts.
2️⃣ Battle plan
Based on the information gathered from the initial consultation, we sit down and consider possible approaches.
We then meet again for a second time to present our proposed solutions and discuss commercial aspects.
Additionally, milestones, timeframes, and project participants are defined.
3️⃣ Implementation
The implementation consists of several so-called sprints, depending on the scope.
A sprint is simply a time window in which the following activities take place:
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Delivery
  • Feedback
4️⃣ Acceptance/ Handover
If the result meets the expectations, it will be accepted.
After successful acceptance, the final invoice will be issued. Upon settlement of the invoice, the handover takes place.
During the handover, all source code of the product will be transferred to you.
5️⃣ Maintenance/ Hosting
If needed, we are happy to take on the ongoing maintenance of the software and/or hosting.

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