Making TAI-DO's system cross-location

4/20/2023 2:39:38 PM

TAI-DO Martial Arts School in Bünde is known for its expertise in all forms of martial arts. However, when it came to managing data across multiple locations, they needed the help of us cloud warriors.


TAI-DO Martial Arts School had a standalone system that was not designed for cross-location data processing.

This made it difficult for them to manage data across multiple locations. As a result, they were facing operational inefficiencies.


After a thorough analysis of their existing system, we implemented a middleware that enables controlled, secure, and seamless cross-location data processing. This allowed the school to manage data across locations without requiring additional human interaction.


Our solution was a minimally invasive modernization of their existing software. With the implementation of middleware, TAI-DO Martial Arts School was able to achieve cross-location data management in a controlled, secure, and efficient manner.

Overall, our collaboration with TAI-DO Martial Arts School allowed them to improve their operational efficiency and better manage their data across multiple locations.

Last Modification : 4/20/2023 2:59:46 PM


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