Mobile Inventory Management Solution for Georg Weber

4/17/2023 3:38:54 PM


Georg Weber is a company that provides tools, steel trade, PSA work safety, as well as sanitary and building technology. The company wanted to find a cost-effective way to allow employees to manage inventory on-the-go using mobile devices. The current process required stationary devices and involved extensive travel between locations. This process was time-consuming and costly, and the company was looking for a solution that could provide a quick return on investment.


The existing inventory management process was not optimized for mobile use. The use of stationary devices was inefficient, and the inventory process was a non-value-added activity. This meant that the company needed to find a more cost-effective solution that could enable employees to manage inventory on-the-go using mobile devices.


In collaboration with Georg Weber, we developed an API that interacts with the company's existing ERP system database. The API provides endpoints for specific use cases within the internal company network.

The API was created using a .NET minimal API, which allowed for a quick development process. The API provides information using an OpenAPI specification.

The user interface was developed using AppGyver, a tool from SAP. The interface interacts with the API, allowing employees to view and manage inventory data from their mobile devices.


The mobile inventory management solution developed for Georg Weber allows employees to manage inventory on-the-go using mobile devices, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs. The solution was developed quickly and efficiently using a .NET minimal API and AppGyver.

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